Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Borgota Casino and Coney Island Mermaids

The weather has finally broken and we had a whole day of sunshine here today, YAY! It was a busy morning getting hay in for the winter and rearranging my barn. In the afternoon, it was off to a wonderful lunch and some gambling at the Borgota Casino in Atlantic City with Jerry, his sister, Patty and son, John. We all had lots of fun on Jerry's favorite Mermaid Slot Machines. I was going to do a short little post with a picture of a mermaid here tonight, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some of the pictures on Wikimedia of the CONEY ISLAND MERMAIDS! I had just remarked to my friend Jennifer, on her recent Coney Island Blog Post,  that it would be the perfect place to go to all dressed up for Halloween!


ARRR, An lo' an behold, blow me down, ther' they'be mateys, twin Day O' Ye' Dead, bare breasted mermaid wenches!

Coney Island- Mermaid Parade - Goth Mermaids


Ahoy, me lads an'lasses, just feast yer good eye on these here salty lobster and squid buccaneers! Makes me git a yearnin' fer me long lost, adventur filled, sea farein' pirate days fer'sure!!


Aye, an' jus'take a gander at this horse ridin' mermaid, me hearties.  It'd be a bit more convincin' if she'd be ridin' side saddle, but th'pair be gettin' a 5 star ratin' form this here scallywag sea wench. 

Mermaid Parade 2011 Horseback Mermaid

Today be day five in th'countdown t' Halloween ye'know, so ye can expect strange and entertainin' spirits might be stirrin' round here more 'n more these days,  ERRRRR!


These costumes are a few of the conservative ones. Follow this link to Mermaids on Wikimedia. There's lots more shots of crazy costumes in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  A word of warning though, there's lots of boobs and flesh. It's all in good fun mind you, but like Jerry says, how do they get away with it?  You really never know what you're going to find or what your going to end up writing about when you go poking around the wonderful and sometimes crazy world of web!


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