Tips For Painting In Alcohol Ink and Sealing Yupo Paper

I made up these cards with
to give out at my demos and classes.
available to anyone interested in giving Yupo paper a try.

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What Is Alcohol Ink?


I've tested out Yupo's new paper, Octopus and compared it to the other Yupo papers for Legion Paper. I did several tests using alcohol inks first.  Each sample was done with the same three Adirondack Alcohol Ink colors but on different types of Yupo paper.

Below is a photo showing how I seal
alcohol ink
paintings on Yupo. 

Watch a short video - about painting in alcohol ink on Yupo here.

See information about Sandy's online FUNdamentals of Alcohol Ink Course here.

Note: I had two defective cans of Kamar varnish that came out like silly string.
If this happens to you, contact the manufacturer. Krylon is sending me new cans
and claim that once it is sprayed again, the surfaces will even out.

Check back, I will be adding more tips to this page soon.

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