Tips For Painting In Watercolor, Alcohol Ink and Sealing Yupo Paper

I made up this card with
to give out at my demos and classes.

Here's a copy of it for anyone interested
in giving Yupo paper a try.

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I've been testing out Yupo's new paper, Octopus and comparing it to the other Yupo papers for Legion Papers. I did several tests using alcohol inks first.  Each sample was done with the same three Adirondack Alcohol Ink colors but on different types of Yupo paper.

Then I tried watercolor. I used the same drawing and the same color palette. Although with watercolor the differences are more subtle, again, notice the difference that the paper makes.

I am curious, which version do you like the best?

I photographed and started sealing about 60 paintings on Yupo paper today. Attached is a photo showing how I seal my watercolors on Yupo.

Attached is a photo showing how I seal my
alcohol ink paintings on Yupo. 

I had two defective cans of Kamar varnish that came out like silly string! They are sending me new cans and claim that once sprayed again, the surfaces will even out.

 I will be adding more tips to this page soon.
Please feel free to share your own!

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