Monday, October 29, 2012

Chased Home By Hurricane Sandy

We got chased home from our SANDY Family Reunion in Virginia a day early by Hurricane SandyQuite ironic since the whole "Al SANDY Family" planned a Birthday / Halloween / Site Seeing /Reunion this past weekend in Williamsburg Virginia! It was the first time we were all together since 2008. Even though our trip was cut short, I am glad to be back safely in New Jersey! Many of the roads we traveled from Virginia last night are now closed. I just heard they are experiencing snow and blizzard conditions in North Carolina and Ohio. It's just crazy!

Jerry got everything secured on the home front over the weekend.

Rudy thinks it's great. He loves the rain.

I had to call him in at lunch time.

He is warm and dry under his waterproof blankie.
If it gets too nasty, I'll have to lock him in.

Jerry's making sure the paddocks are draining as well as possible.

No need to close the other horse  in!

Princess Rita remains high and dry in her stall.

We sprung a leak in the barn, but so far Hurricane Sandy has been very kind to us.

Emergency conditions prevail in our area and all along the Eastern and now central part of the U.S. We have heard from the township, cable company and the electric company to expect outages. I am trying to get this out as fast as possible. It is blowing and raining like a bear!
Wanted you all to know we are fine and I hope you all are too! I never thought I'd be living through a major hurricane named SANDY!

Stay safe! 
X ♥ O

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Insulated Outdoor Cat Shelter for Feral Cats

This is Eva. She got dumped off here last spring.
Although she is somewhat feral, with patience and kindness,
she is starting to come around.

She has taken to sleeping in a little bed outside of my studio on the covered porch.
With cold weather upon us, I started looking online for instructions on building an insulated house for her.

I came across this step by step YouTube video with detailed instructions on how to make an insulated outdoor shelter out of a cooler! Jerry immediately whipped up two of them out of a couple he had on hand.

Eva took to it right away. Now she will be safe, cozy and warm all winter long.
We put the other one in the barn and think that Ja Ja is already using it too.

We will continue to try to get her to come inside at night, but until she is ready, she has this wonderful new house. It's a marvelously simple and economical way to provide shelter for your outdoor kitties.

Evie definitely gives it her seal of approval.

and Eva

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kittens Win The Witchy Cat Contest!

Last week I entered a couple of photos of Pye Pye and Opie in a Witchy Cats Halloween Photo Contest hosted by Kim of Witch Cats and The Wiccan Life Blogs.

Today in the mail, we received our prizes! I love this wreath with a ribbon pentagram and cute witches and cats that Kim made. Such an original idea and so well executed! I found the purr-fect place to display it and this great seasonal decoration has already been hung on the wall. 

Kim also sent the kittens a handmade catnip toy mouse.
I woke up Opie from his nap and he was too sleepy to play much.

But Cutie Pye really got into it.

She gave it (and herself) a real good workout.

And with an exhausted grin, she says;


We love our fun loving, like minded blogging friends!

Pye Pye, Opie