Monday, March 30, 2015

They're On Their Way!

 “Never forget that anticipation 
is an important part of life. 
Work's important, family's important, 
but without excitement, you have nothing. 
You're cheating yourself if you 
refuse to enjoy what's coming.”
 ~ Nicholas Spark

"On Their Way!" ~ SOLD
~~~~~~~4 x 4"" Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile~~~~~~~
email: for purchase info.

 Spring has been very elusive this year. When we woke up, we had a dusting of snow on the ground this morning.

Our hummingbirds will be home soon though.
They have been spotted as far north as Virginia!! 
Check out the 2015 migration map here.
I am so excited!

“The idea of waiting for something
makes it more exciting.”
~  Andy Warhol

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Happy Spring everyone!

X ♥  O

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Art Of Teaching

"I tried to stir the imagination  and
 enthusiasms of students to take risks, 
to do what they were most afraid of doing, 
to widen their horizons of action. " 
~ James Broughton

"The Circle Game"
~~~~~~~~~~~8 x 10" Dbl. Matted Alcohol Ink Collage on Yupo paper~~~~~~~~~~~
email: for purchase info.

We had another snow storm and got 6" here in Southern NJ
on Friday, "the first day of Spring". 

By yesterday, Sunday, there was hardly any trace of it though.
I truly hope that's the last we see of it until Christmas time.

I have been getting ready for more Alcohol Ink Classes, Workshops and Drink & Ink events. Enthusiasm is spreading as more and more people discover the magic of alcohol inks. I am enjoying teaching, meeting like minded folks and making lots of new art friends in the process. 

I took my flyers and tiles down to the local high school craft show on Saturday and talked so much I nearly lost my voice. Of course, I ran out of flyers, but next time I'll be more prepared. I sat and inked and let a few others try their hand at it too. It was fun because everyone was quite impressed and amazed with them.

Have you created yet today?

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Color Brightens The Day

"The whole world, 
as we experience it visually, 
comes to us through the 
mystic realm of color." 
~ Hans Hofman

"Orange You Glad?"
~~~~~~~8 x 10" Dbl. Matted Alcohol Ink Collage on Yupo paper~~~~~~~

It's another grey day here in Southern NJ, even though the weather forecast originally called for sun. The snow from ten days ago is barely visible now. All that remains are some brownish white clumps here and there, left over from the plowing. Although it's officially Spring, it still looks like winter outside my window.

I've been busy inking, organizing and planning a couple of new art ventures. I will share them with you here when some of the final details are ironed out.

It's still not too late to sign up for this coming week's studio play date!

And be sure to check out my May 9th - Center For The Arts Event!
Space is limited, so don't wait until the last minute.

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Happy creating everyone!

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Waiting For Spring

“To be interested in the changing seasons 
 is a happier state of mind than to be 
hopelessly in love with spring.” 
~ George Santayana

"Spring in the Heart"
~~10 x 8" Dbl. Matted Alcohol Ink Collage on Yupo paper~~

Mother nature has been having her way with us here in the Northeast, USA. I'm not complaining though. We, here in southern NJ, have not had much snow this winter compared to some of our northern neighbors. There is about 8 or 9 inches on the ground right now after yesterday's bombardment. It really is quite beautiful and according to the reports, we will be in the 40's and 50's by late next week. I hope they are right, but today I'm going to just savor the beauty of our winter wonderland.

Here are some photos taken yesterday at The Sandarosa.

I saw three bluebirds yesterday. I hope
they come back when it's a little warmer.

Eva, (one of our 20 or so ferals) thinks she wants
to come in, but she looses her nerve if we
invite her. She is a loner and doesn't get along
with the other outside cats (who all have various
shelters). She's been staying on the
screened porch where Jerry set her up with
a cozy warm bed, litter box and food.

Rita's nice 'n toasty with a thick winter coat
and her double layer of blankies.

Several flocks of turkeys and numerous other backyard
birds are cleaning us out of sunflower seeds.

Lots of melting and rain prior to the snow
made for some new little ponds on the property.

The snow stared as rain which acted like glue, so the
snow's all stuck to the branches. Very pretty, but
could be hazardous to the trees and electric wires.

Jerry's art garden in monotone.

Jerry has a love/hate relationship with the snow
because he gets to play with his favorite farm toy.
It's a 1949 Massey-Harris-Ferguson.

They broke the mold when they made this
machine and when they made the driver.
They just don't make 'em like that anymore!

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Happy creating everyone!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

A Wonderful Surprise!

"There is magic in long-distance friendships. 
They let you relate to other human beings in a 
way that goes beyond being physically together 
and is often more profound." 
~ Diana Cortes

"Birds & Bees" by Sheila Delgado
Matted 8 x 10" Original Mixed Media

Today I received this amazing belated birthday/early spring gift in the mail from my online blogging buddy, Sheila Delgado. She had asked me for my address a while back and I didn't give it a second thought until this morning when this beautiful original painting arrived at my door! This painting, "Birds and Bees", was one of my favorites by Sheila from the January 2015 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. Sheila and I met online a few challenges back and have been communicating ever since. I am so excited to own one of her gorgeous paintings! I have it right here on my desk on a display easel by my computer. It is so nice to have something so special and physical here from her to remind me that our virtual friendship goes beyond the boundaries of distance. Thank you so much Sheila girl! You are loved and appreciated more than you can ever know!

"Flower House" by Pam Schoessow
5 x 7" Original Watercolor with display easel

I also traded art pieces with another dear online blogging friend and received this awesome whimsical original from Pam Schoessow on Saturday. Thank you so much Pam! I adore your paintings!! It also is right here in front of me by my computer, right next to Sheila's. 
With original artwork by a couple of my favorite artists and online friends, I really feel the love and inspiration!!

Thanks to Sheila and Pam and to all of you
for your continued friendship and feedback.

Happy creating everyone!

X ♥  O