Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two More Lenses Added To Squidoo

I've been giving all my old lenses a facelift and have created four new ones so far this week. What a great sense of accomplishment. I'm on a roll baby! 

Your feedback and comments are most appreciated! THANKS!!

I also did a major revamp on : Five Steps To Happy Hummingbirds

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Much To Share And T.M.I. !

I started looking at my Squidoo Lenses this past weekend and realized most of them had way T. M. I. - TOO MUCH INFORMATION ! So I decided to break them down into more digestible chunks.

I've got two new lenses so far. I hope you find them interesting, helpful and worth your time.

An Obsession With Hummingbirds was inspired by a comment left recently here on my web log.

Simple Sketching Steps contains a new drawing demo.

In Simple Sketching Steps, I also explain my materials and make supply recommendations. My SketchingEveryday Blog starts in one week, so if you plan on following along and doing my sketching challenges this year, make sure you read this short lens and pick up any materials you may need.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Internet Hell And Back

I've been to internet HELL and back over the past week. To make a long story short, it all started when I went to renew my domain name, It was ten days before it was due to expire. Turns out my domain registrar went out of business. They were resellers, so I had to go to the main registrar to find my data. With the high rate of scamming and manipulation on the web, beware, of even the big guys. I was slammed in the beginning by the company, did meet with some cooperation mid stream, but then ended up short changed in the end. Thank God for my wonderful technical support staff at ViaVerio Web Hosting !! One by one, hour by hour, Jason, Tim, Oscar, Dave, and James all got me through this. Thanks so much guys! I still have some work to do, but now there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

Today's InspirationEveryday quote:

"To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist." ~ Gail Sheehy

On a brighter note, I became an exclusive photographer with iStockPhoto yesterday. Now I have a bronze film canister and a gold crown by my name. It looks so much better than that old grey thing. I didn't have a photo of me in a crown, so here's the next best thing. It's a shot of me taken by Robert Genn , the Author of "The Painter's Keys" in September of 2005 aboard the cruise ship "Coral Princess" in Alaska.