Sunday, May 24, 2015

To Dream of Kittens

“A kitten is,
in the animal world, 
what a rosebud is in the garden.”   
~ Robert Sowthey

Feral cat, Sally's kittens just came out of hiding.

We were starting to get nervous
and had even discussed ripping up the hay shed floor
to get to them because we knew they were underneath. 

They were 6 weeks old on Wednesday
and they are ever so precious. 

We already have an adoptive family for two of them.
I have been spending time with them everyday
and today one of them even sat on my lap!

Hopefully we can catch them
and start the socializing process this coming week.
I'll keep you updated.
Wish us luck!! 

Happy creating and have a nice holiday weekend!

X ♥  O

Friday, May 15, 2015

Workshops Can Help Unleash Creativity

"It seems to me that the whole purpose 
of workshops is really twofold. 
One - to help people make better pictures
and two - to unleash their creativity  to
the fullest amount that they possibly can."
~ Freeman Patterson

 Announcing my next alcohol ink workshop! 
Attendance is limited to eight artists, so don't delay.

Happy participants from the 5-9-15 alcohol ink workshop.
"You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have."
~ MayaAngelou

"Alcohol Inks offer an exciting artistic future
for creative people to interpret in they own style,
with the skills that Sandy shares with them!
~ Irvane S.

Happy creating everyone!

As always, thanks for your friendship and feedback!

X ♥  O

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Learning And Artistic Growth

"Learn and grow all you can; 
serve and befriend all you can; 
enrich and inspire all you can." 
~ William Arthur Ward

10 x 8" Yupo -Watercolor (left) and Alcohol Ink (right)

8 x 10" Yupo - Watercolor (top), Alcohol Ink painting (bottom)

I have been painting in watercolor since childhood and added alcohol inks to my skill set only 15 months ago. Each painting, process and medium is a doubling back, a spiraling process of regrouping and building on what has been before. Continuing to repeat previous paintings and studies, I believe each piece is a building block to the next. Criticism for changing my "style, substrate and medium" and for leaving behind what some have loved, comes with the territory. To me, being a life long student of art means constantly learning, growing, changing and evolving. One of the reasons I don't do many commissions is that I learned a long time ago, that the surest way to my unhappiness is to try to please everyone else. 

I believe:
"One of the worst things an artist can do is
stagnate into a certain style or genre for life. 
It's all about growth, and the growth
of the artist should never stop"
~ Dorenda Crager Watson

How do you readers feel about this topic?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Have a great day,

X ♥  O

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Inspiration and Interpretation

"Van Gogh failed as a minister, 
failed as an art dealer, 
failed as an art student, 
failed in love 
and failed to sell paintings, 
but he has never failed to inspire us!" 
~ Andrew Hamilton

"Two Windblown Cypresses" 
After Vincent van Gogh
11 x 14" matted alcohol Ink on Yupo

"Two Cypresses" 
 Vincent van Gogh 1889

"Blazing Wheat Fields" 
After Vincent van Gogh
8 x 10" matted alcohol Ink on Yupo

"Wheat Fields with Cypresses"
drawing by Vincent van Gogh

"Wheat Fields with Cypresses"
by Vincent van Gogh 1889

I believe in the value of doing master copies as an approach to learning, so I decided to do a van Gogh "interpretation" lesson in my alcohol ink workshop this Saturday, May 9th. The afternoon session will learn how to use many tools and techniques to achieve a uniquely colorful alcohol ink version of Vincent's work.

Due to a death in the family of one of the participants, we still have one spot available. No previous experience is necessary and I also have a starter kit, so no supplies would be required. Won't you let me introduce you to this exciting, liberating medium!? Find out more about this fun-filled workshop and sign up here.
"When you are young, you study the masters
for their techniques and style.
But when you are older, you study them
for their emotion and feeling."
~ Chiang Chao-Shen

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!
X ♥  O

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Most Important Thing Is To Bloom

“The lilac branches are bowed 
under the weight of the flowers;
blooming is hard, but the 
most important thing is - 
to bloom.” 
~ Yevgeny Zamyatin

"Lilacs in Bloom"
16 x 20" Matted Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper
email: for purchase info.

Time is going by so quickly. The hummingbirds have arrived and the lilacs are in full bloom. I've moved the pansies into the shade to try to protect them from the heat. It seems, once again, we are going straight into summer from winter.

There is still one opening for the May 9th Alcohol Ink Workshop. Why not treat yourself to a fun, stress free day of art and entertainment?

Preparations are still ongoing for my Drink and Ink Party at The Tabernacle Inn. Be sure to sign up before May 9th to reserve your spot and pick your design.

"Life beats down and crushes the soul
and art reminds you that you have one."
~ Stella Adler 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!
X ♥  O