Friday, April 27, 2018

The Germ Of Happiness

"Growth itself has the germ of happiness."
~ Pearl S. Buck

To me, art is, and always has been, an endlessly exciting experiment.  I am fascinated by the exploration of a world with such diverse, limitless possibilities. Continuing to stretch my physical and mental boundaries as an artist and instructor, keeps me feeling young, alive, engaged and energized. 

Alcohol ink has certainly turbo-charged my peregrination over the past five years! Now, painting almost exclusively in alcohol ink, except for an occasional watercolor on Yupo paper, doors have opened up to me that never even existed before. I am so grateful to be one of the pioneers in the alcohol ink, fine art world. I feel so lucky to live in a day and age when I can connect with a whole community of others traveling the same art "dreamway" with a tap of my finger. The work and journeys of lots of awesome artists online and in-person is a continuing form of enjoyment, growth and inspiration.

After days of editing my video for our spring a.i. conference, I'm (understandably) in a Vincent van Gogh state of mind ... Thanks to Sharen Ak Harris, here's my first attempt on blackout film - "Starry Night Lighthouse" on modeling film and on black vinyl. See my discoveries and comparisons below!

Below is an experiment I did in alcohol inks on
Modeling Film (on the left) and Glossy Vinyl (on the right)
Starry Night Lighthouse on Modeling Film and Glossy Vinyl
*My Opinions and Discoveries

Modeling film                                     Vinyl
Wipe Back -                 didn't wipe back clean                        vinyl wipes back clean

Ink w/ Snowcap -           soft, creamy texture                                 harder lines

Color -                             softer/ more muted                            brighter/ more contrast

Application -                    Less surface glide                             Inks slide on surface

My Cost -                   $15. for 6) 8 x 10" sheets                   $19. for 40) 12 x 12" sheets

*These are my personal findings and not necessarily that of  the majority of other users.

Learn how I achieved this look by watching my 45 min. video - STARRY NIGHT IN ALCOHOL INK
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Have Courage, Take A Leap Of Faith

"The most salient mark of a creative person... is not physical courage...
it is a personal courage, a courage of the mind and spirit,
psychological or spiritual courage that is the radius of a creative person:
the courage to question what is generally accepted; the courage
to be destructive in order that something better can be constructed;
the courage to be open to experience both from within and without;
the courage to imagine the impossible and try to achieve it;
the courage to stand aside from collectivity and in conflict with it, 
if necessary; the courage to become and to be oneself."
 ~ D.W. MacKinnon

This is a very short video showing a couple of shots of my new gallery at 33 South Main St. #HomeTownUSA #ArtOnMain in Medord, NJ 08055. The work in my #currentartshow will be coming down soon to make way for my new show, in #May2018 - #Hummingbirds #Hummingbirds_MagicIntheAir. If you are interested in viewing this show before it comes down at the end of April, email me at: We are #medfordartwalk in #artsytownusa, #destinationmedfordnj. Many of the paintings in this show, BOUNDLESS BLACK AND BRILLIANT WHITE are demonstrated in the 6th Week of My ECourse. Registration closes April 20th! #aiecourse #Fundamentalsofalcoholink at:

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