Easy To Make Cat Shelter

This is Eva. She got dumped off here last spring.
Although she is somewhat feral, with patience and kindness,
she is starting to come around.

She has taken to sleeping in a little bed outside of my studio on the covered porch.
With cold weather upon us, I started looking online for instructions on building an insulated house for her.

I came across this step by step YouTube video with detailed instructions on how to make an insulated outdoor shelter out of a cooler! Jerry immediately whipped up two of them out of a couple he had on hand.

Eva took to it right away. Now she will be safe, cozy and warm all winter long.
We put the other one in the barn and think that Ja Ja is already using it too.

We will continue to try to get her to come inside at night, but until she is ready, she has this wonderful new house. It's a marvelously simple and economical way to provide shelter for your outdoor kitties.

Evie definitely gives it her seal of approval.

and Eva

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