Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Are You A Black Sheep? (Day 2)

“I think the reward for conformity 
is that everyone likes you
 except yourself.” 
~ Rita Mae Brown

~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Black Sheep~~~~~~~~~~~
Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on Yupo paper
See painting specifications and price here.

As a life long "artist", I think I've always seen things from a right brain perspective and been a bit "different" from the flock. A strong aversion for conformity really took a stronghold in my life after experiencing my very first rock concert, The Rolling Stones, in 1969 when I was barely 15. I was indoctrinated into the exhilarating freakiness immediately. I joined the "counter-culture" and "became a hippie" almost overnight. While braiding my long, poker-straight hair so that it would be frizzy, my younger sister asked what I was doing. I answered her back with a family classic; "I'm a hippie now". I was never really a "Black Sheep" though, because it was a time when weirdness and individuality was really being encouraged, even celebrated. Some kids were just conforming to the nonconformity of it all, but for the first time, I felt liberated and free to show my true inner spirit. Even today, at the age of 60, people who know me well are never totally surprised by my outlandish imagination, childish enthusiasm, unorthodox beliefs, crazy ideas and unconventional  plans. I think it helps keep me young. Like a close friend always says, I scan in at about 40. Do you have any thoughts to share on conformity vs. nonconformity or on being a "Black Sheep" and/or "artist" yourself?

"We grow primarily through our challenges, especially those life-changing moments when we begin to recognize aspects of our nature that make us different from the family and culture in which we have been raised." ~ Caroline Myss

As always, rock on and thanks for your friendship!

X ♥  O

Monday, September 1, 2014

My Fourth 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge! (Day 1)

"Something that's fun for me is a challenge. 
When you take on a challenge and succeed, 
it's the best feeling."
~ Amy Lee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUNNY SUMMER DAYS ~~~~~~~~~~~
Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on Yupo paper
See painting specifications and price here.

I first discovered Leslie Saeta on January 3, 2013, when a fellow blogger had a link to Leslie's 30 Paintings in 30 Days online painting challenge. I was feeling a little post holiday blasé at the time and was in dire need of a creative pick-me-up. So that first day, I summoned my fervor, painted two pieces and started on a journey of intense, accelerated growth. Although at times it wasn't easy, I finished all 30 watercolor paintings that month on Yupo paper, based on my theme, "Paintings Inspired by Quotes About Trees". At the end of January, after working exclusively on Yupo, there was no turning back. I was hooked on the eco-friendly, synthetic paper's forgiving nature verses traditional non-forgiving cotton rag. My watercolor paintings on Yupo paper were all posted online and I continued to paint at full throttle even after the challenge ended. I completed my second 30 paintings in 30 days again in September 2013 with "Legends, Myths and Folktales". In January 2014, I once again finished Leslie's painting challenge with over thirty Yupo paintings in my series, "Animals I Love".  

These challenges have literally changed my life! Although I first worked on Yupo paper more than fifteen years ago, working on it exclusively gave me a much better understanding of its unique properties. I developed new techniques and let my creative muse be the guide. My watercolor paintings on Yupo paper were all posted online, which led to being contacted by the V.P. of Marketing of a national paper distributor, Legion Paper in the spring of 2013. I am now the company's Yupo consultant and in-store Yupo paper demonstrator for all the NYC Dick Blick / Utrecht Art Supply Stores.

All of this probably wouldn't have happened had I not taken the challenges seriously and forced myself out of my comfort zone. I am so grateful to have found Leslie. She is such a wonderful, creative, energetic, mentor! I listen to her informative and inspiring Artists Helping Artists Blog talk radio show often. I think all artists, no matter what medium or genre, should be bookmarking Leslie's art marketing and inspirational resources. Thank you Leslie, for your giving spirit, boundless energy and unending inspiration!

So here I go again with my new theme of "Colorful Cosmic Combos". In February, I started working in the exciting medium of alcohol inks. Both watercolor and the inks work extremely well on Yupo paper. They intensify and enhance each other and blend seamlessly. Combining watercolor with my new found love for the brilliant, unique alcohol based inks has led me to another exhilarating way to express the essence and spirit of my subjects. These improved paintings will be reworked favorites, from previous challenges or completely new. All of them will be strengthened with the addition of complimentary alcohol ink highlights and borders like the piece above.

I am very excited about this new direction and I hope to spark some passion in others too. Please follow along over the next 30 days and enjoy another journey of artistic evolution with me.  I received so much strength and encouragement from friends and fellow artists over the last three challenges, that I don't know if I could have done it without you! Thank you so very much!!

You can order Yupo paper and all your art supplies here. 
Sign up for a preferred card to get discounts!

 Thanks so very much for your feedback, friendship and enthusiasm!

X ♥  O

Monday, August 18, 2014

Seize Every Opportunity!

"Seize opportunity by the beard, 
for it is bald behind."

I made up packets of labeled Yupo paper to give out.

"YUPI" for Yupo!

During Hammonton's Third Thursday Latin Night
Thursday, August 21, 2014 / at 8pm - 8:30pm

219, Bellevue Ave, Hammonton, NJ 0803


Sample packets of Yupo paper supplied by Legion Paper

"Don't wait for inspiration.
It comes while one is working."
~ Henri Matisse

Thanks and have a great day!

X ♥  O

Monday, August 11, 2014



Get A FREE HOSTED WEBSITE up and running in ONE day!
Sign up today and join me for this fun step by step class:
*August 23rd, 10:00 - 4:00
Only $100. / at my Tabernacle, NJ studio,
Lunch included!

I will Pay It Forward by making a SURPRISE website
 for my dear departed friend and painting buddy,
 local watercolor legend, DAN HINES.

This is not just for artists! IT IS OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS or NEEDS a stand alone website for their business, hobby or organization. While group sites are nice and definitely better than nothing, it's hard to stand out when you are competing against so many others!

After attending the Center For The Arts "Creatures Only" Art Show Reception Saturday and talking to a group of artists, I can't believe that there are STILL So Many Accomplished Artists Out There who DON'T have their own stand alone website! (I was one of the first artists that I know of in this area with a website, way back in 1996!) Of course, times have changed and things have gotten more complicated. The learning curve for the new html and CSS is steep. I tried, but couldn't seem to make it up that hill. I was in a quandary for the past several years with my site until I discovered my current web hosting company, Thanks to AHA and Leslie Byrd Saeta! I have decided, like Leslie, to offer a one day workshop at my studio to help folks get their websites up and running FAST! YES! I promise to help you create a FREE HOSTED, CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL website that will be up on the internet that day!

 The workshop is from 10:00 - 4:00pm (or longer if need be.) Bring your laptop, a bio, a photo of yourself, pertinent text and at least eight images on your computer and you will have your beautiful, new website online by the time you leave the Sandarosa! **And you can be sure I'll be sharing lots of other great tips on marketing and resources! (Such as getting beautiful, glossy, full color postcards and bus.cards at really great prices with a turnaround time of 2 or 3 days to your door!)

Although I've got ample room, I'm keeping the class size small, so space is limited.

* If you are interested and the 8/23 date doesn't work for you, please EMAIL ME at Sandy@SandySandy.com with whether Aug. 30th or Sept.6th dates (or during the week) WILL work for you. After that, I'm pretty much booked in Sept. and October on the weekends until November!

YES, it's less than two weeks away . . .

If you are interested, please use the BUY NOW button above to reserve your spot! Email me at Sandy@SandySandy.com or call 609.268.9106 with any questions. PLEASE PAY IT FORWARD AND SPREAD THE WORD, TOO.

I'm looking forward to getting Dan's SURPRISE website up online. His daughter, MaryAnne Hines will be attending the workshop free of charge so that she can take over the site where we leave off. It will be fun and stress-free, I promise. 

You can see my new website here:

Thanks and have a great day!

X ♥  O