Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Process Isn't About Repetition

"Nature is an endless combination and repetition of
a very few laws. She hums the old well-known air
through innumerable variations."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Star Gazer - Original Watercolor

Although I work in various mediums and in different techniques, I almost always work in series of paintings these days. Searching, exploring, and refining variations of the same subject uncovers hidden nuances with layers of possibilities. It exposes a certain depth and proficiency that wouldn't be present in a single work or two.

Original Galaxy and Aurora Paintings

"The process is not about repetition at all, but rather about being able to explore, investigate, examine or address particular ideas, themes, issues, compositions, concepts or topics in progressively deeper and more meaningful ways, and from a greater variety of perspectives than is possible by making just one or two. It's like looking at something under a microscope as opposed to giving it a casual passing glance. The closer you look, the more you see, and the more you see, the more fascinating your explorations get." ~

"Repetition is the key to mastery."
~ Sandy Sandy
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