Friday, May 2, 2008


Worry Creates Fear, Fear Creates Worry

Being careful suggests danger and sets us up to expect something bad to happen. Being mindful, on the other hand, is a conscious choice to focus your thoughts and energy in a positive way, on what you want in life. Take control of your life today by choosing not to receive bad news! Years ago I unplugged from the TV and unsubscribed from the Daily Rag. I decided not to get wrapped up in any bad news I could not change. I believe thinking about negative situations only creates more of the same. Some think I'm ignorant, but my life is much happier when I focus on the positive instead of the negative. Most situations in the news only affect my life if I let them. I stumbled on a site called
Life Strategy in my web walk this morning. I recommend
reading this good article about worry.

This Rabbit sketch is from my 2007 Drawing Everyday Blog.
The rabbit is symbolic of fear.

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