Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Legacy of Edgar A. Whitney

I'm Proud to call myself: "third generation Edgar Whitney". Years ago, I was permanently changed by his book, "Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting". It provided many insights into my craft and the principles of design. His writings continue to inspire and direct me. I am also grateful to have studied under some of his star pupils including; Tony Couch, Joan Rudman, Tony Van Hasselt, Mel Stabin and Frank Webb. All these people carry on with Ed's Creed in their own way, as I do in mine. Today, over twenty years after his death, Whitney's spirit, enlightenment and craft are still gaining momentum and flourishing in the hearts, minds and work of in his many disciples.

"Once students had passed through his hands, they were never the same again, and seemed to become completely indoctrinated with his ideas and convictions."
~ Ron Ranson

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