Monday, October 13, 2008

Kirby's Mill Apple Festival, Medford, NJ

These are pictures of our double - space set up at the Kirby's Mill Apple Festival last Saturday.

I love this show. We've got lots of room to really show off the work.

The weather was great! It went up into the 70's by the early afternoon.

We organized the 100 plus original paintings by subject matter.

We had a great day! I thank all my friends for coming out and showing their support.


  1. I hope you did well at the Oktoberfest, and that the tea pot of funds for feline operations is now overflowing. I'm glad your little friend is doing so well. He certainly looks to be purring in the photo.

  2. THANKS ARIJA! Yes, people are still buying paintings! Tigger is doing really well, thanks! I just keep envisioning the pot overflowing. Back at it this weekend for two days at The Cranberry Festival. Thanks for staying in touch. I'm a "follower" of your blog now too!


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