Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama - Our New Leader - Inauguration Day

I'm in Inauguration overload! It's very quiet in cyberspace today, so I bet I'm not the only one! With my Obama obsession, I've been unable to tear myself away from CNN & CSPAN on my little studio TV today. WAAAHOOO!
I haven't felt this way since election day!! It's just so exciting for me. I'm tapping into so much positive energy! I've had to reach for the tissues more than once. Hey all you good people, DO YOU FEEL THE SPIRIT? Gotta go... Obama and Michelle are walking down the Pennsylvania Ave. parade route right now!! The first and last time they'll be doing that, I bet. What an awesome presence!
Sorry to divert from art here, but it is just such an important occasion in many of our lives -here in the US and beyond. Finally, CHANGE has taken root!

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