Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Farrier Of The Day

My farrier, Jimmy Hall, came out today and gave the horses a trim. He was a good sport and let me take some photos of him working on Rudy. I didn't dare use the flash around Rita. It was even making my laid back buddy, Rudy, flinch a little. Jim signed a model release for me so I could use the pictures for stock, but the photos turned out too dark. I've got to work on the lighting some more. I lightened them up in Photoshop, but the over adjusting resulted in too much noise. Noise is irregular pixelation that can be seen at higher magnification. See Nan, I'm learning! Anyway, I've been plugging away at my photography. With the help of my Photo Guru, Nancy Louie, and some of her borrowed lighting equipment, I now have 50 images on Dreamstime and 28 on IstockPhoto. (Take these links and click on "portfolio" to see my images.) Between framing and photography, I'm not getting much painting done this month, but I do feel happy that I'm making some headway with my new medium!


  1. These photos might be a good source for some paintings!

  2. You'll get there, Sandy. It just takes a little bit of time. Good to see you at work in the new medium!


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