Monday, December 7, 2009


I am embarrassed to report that I got hooked into an old, yet initally very convincing scam this morning. I have gotten hundreds of similar "offers" like this one from "Google" before, however this one peaked my curiosity and somehow suckered me in. The offer was to send $1.95 for more information on how to make money with Google. It was only after signing on for "the kit" that among other things, I get a link to "Disclosures". "Disclosures" stated that you have to cancel within three days or you will be charged a $129. intitial enrollment fee and $40. p. month thereafter to remain in their "program". Yikes, what did I do! ?! I tried three different numbers they provided to "speak to a representative" only to get caught up in a long list of phone recordings and prompts. Finally after waiting for 5 or 10 minutes, I would get abruptly disconnected. On my forth or fifth try, I finally did speak to a real person who said their company had nothing to do with the company I had signed up with. That's funny, because the confirmation email from "support" listed their phone number. Then I called the credit card co. They said it happens all the time and that the scammers could "legally bill my cc if I didn't cancel in 3 days because of a loophole". They assured me that I had "protection" against such fraudulant charges and not to worry. I was worried. The whole thing was and still is extremely bothersome. After calling the credit card company for a second time, I was put on hold for 5 minutes and when the CC company phone clerk came back, she had another phone # for alias for me to call. I called it and shortly got through to a real person! About an hour later, I had a cancellation email from support! ALL this seems very fishy to me! Are the credit card companies in on this? Do they have a quota of fraudulant charges to meet? Insights would be appreciated. Even though I feel like a complete and utter idiot, I'm posting this senerio to hopefully help expose these swindlers and save somebody else out there in cyberspace from these vultures, these leaches of society. Wouldn't it be nice if people worked this hard at coming up with a legitimate way to build a web based business, like Google did!? Be careful my lambs, the wolves are more than ever at your door. Check out what Snopes has to say about this here.

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  1. OMG Sandy, This is awful, I hope you got everything straighten out..There is a lot of nasty and greedy people in the world anymore.


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