Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The BLM, Bureau of Land Management, (also known as the Bureau of Livestock Management), is currently rounding up wild horses in Nevada. They are removing these animals from public lands because they say there is not enough forage to sustain them. However, the BLM then turns around and leases this same acreage, our own public land, (which was specificly set aside in the 70's by Congress for the protection of the wild horses and a unique ecosystem), to cattle ranchers at outragously cheap rates! It's all for the benefit of the ranchers and the government, not at all for the good of these beautiful wild animals and not for the American People! Somehow I feel that it's not only these magnificant wild creatures, it's also  our heritage that they are destroying.

This all happened a month ago. I just found out about it tonight. I will post links as I find them. 

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