Monday, June 7, 2010

Deer Trouble and Jerry's Giant Tomato Plants

We've had to put our hanging plants up on the side deck because we've got a juvenile delinquent problem. A brazen, ravenous, young doe started eating my flowers! I gave up years ago trying to have flower beds out here, but have gotten away with hanging baskets right up next to the back of our house. The deer have always stayed away . . . 'til now. We bought some spray, but I'm thinking it's easier just to move them around everyday. I scared the curious culprit away in the middle of the day yesterday! Any suggestions (besides hunting of course) will be considered. Here are a few shots taken early this morning with my little Cannon Power Shot.

Before I got off on that tangent, I wanted to show you these hu-mung-ous tomato plants that Jerry picked up! I've never seen a potted tomato plant get so huge. I hope the little deer doesn't decide to go up on the deck and give them a nibble.

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