Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Got "Lens Of The Day" Today! YAY!

"Every day (or nearly that) Squidoo's Community & Charity Organizer, Kimberly Dawn Wells, highlights a lens that stands out from the crowd, a lens that is unique in topic, approach, personality, tools or timing. Or, you know, just a lens that made her day." ~ Lens Of The Day

Today Kimberly wrote in my guestbook; "Congratulations on your LOTD! Thanks for teaching us how to make such great art with such simple directions."

WOW! SketchingEveryday is my top rated lens and this really made my day. My Summer Sketching Series is now in full swing . . . and I am truly thrilled to see that my Six Steps To Sensational Sketches got "Lens of the Day"! Thanks Kimberly!


  1. Congratulations, Sandy on you LOTD award!! Can't think of a more deserving artist. Sally

  2. Congratulations Sandy! How exciting!!! --- Denise


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