Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Visit To Old Philadelphia

For my birthday ( week ☺), I suggested that my younger sister, Gaile, fly up from Florida for a visit. It didn't take a whole lot of coaxing since she really wanted to see some snow and had a "free" flight from Spirit Airlines. (Which ended up costing her around $100. round trip, but that's another story. Is anything ever really FREE?)

I picked Gaile up at the Atlantic City Airport on Tuesday, Feb. 15th. Boy how the time flew. Local sister, Denise Bush and I were wondering what we were going to do for entertainment while Gaile was visiting. Ha Ha, not to worry, we were busy non-stop the whole week!

With temperatures up in the high sixties during the day and no chance of snow for most of the week, Gaile had to make due with dirty snow piles and the little bit of virgin snow still covering my horse pasture.

Here are a few snapshots and highlights of a trip via the High Speedline to Philadelphia on Friday, February 18th. It was a wonderful day to tour the city as the temperatures climbed to almost 70 degrees in the afternoon! We started off with lunch at the historic and award winning, Old City Tavern.

We enjoyed delicious recipes passed down for centuries by famous colonists. I especially loved their custom brewed beer, homestyle biscuits and my crusty chicken pot pie. YUMM! I must go back again soon! This place is too good to be just for tourists!

Denise on left and Gaile on right in front of historic 18th century buildings.

We had an amazing day followed by a gourmet Lasagna dinner cooked at my house by Gaile. Having visitors always involves more cooking and eating, but it also gets you out exercising! Company gives us a break from our daily routines and makes us get out and enjoy life and take advantage of the local attractions!

The following Day was windy and cold, so we took a trip out to Longwood Gardens for some indoor Springtime pleasures. I'll post some highlights and photos from that trip here real soon!


  1. Oh thank you for sharing what looks like a perfect day with your sis and loved ones! She's a beauty like you. I'm going to have to check out these places if I ever get to Philly. Thanks Sandy!

  2. Hey, if you ever get out here, let me know and I'll show you around! Thanks for your friendship and nice comments Sheila!


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