Friday, July 8, 2011

Bachelor's Buttons, Nachos and Hummingbird Lovers

Today's post is about this and that. Just some random thoughts, pictures and daily happenings here in the Pine Barrens of NJ at the Sandarosa.

Bachelor's Buttons and Queen Ann'e Lace are in bloom here in fallow fields and on the sides of the country roads. I cut these last Sunday. They were growing around the barn at my hay guy's place. 

I put them in a bucket outside my studio and meant to sketch or paint them for our flower sketching challenge  but it never happened. Now they are beyond peak, so I guess I'll have to go find some fresh ones. I only took a few photos. Wish I had taken more. Wow, look at the close up of that flower head!

What's your favorite lunch? Mine is Nachos. This is how I make them; nacho chips, fresh salsa, shredded cheese, black olives and jalapeno peppers. Micro for 1 min. with a cover and it's delicious. I swear I could live on Nachos and Beer. Too bad it's not a little more nutritious.

The next day I used some fresh peppers from Jerry's garden. The little dark green ones are very hot, so I cut them up real small and boy were they good!!

Today Nancy and Frank "THE HUMMER HOUNDS" came to visit. I met them about five years ago at a hummingbird presentation I did at the Wild Bird Oasis. I invited them to come to my place and partake of the Hummingbird Happiness. They did and have been coming several times a season ever since.

It was great to see them and share our stories and enthusiasm for our little friends!! 

And remember folks, the invitation still stands for anybody else wanting to come visit me and my tiny gems here in HummerLand this summer!


  1. I think it would fab to come visit you and all your hummers. What a great time for hummer lovers!! Looking forward to seeing more flower paintings. Hurry, go pick more flowers!!

  2. In my book, nachos are nutritious! And the way you make them, Sandy, all food groups are represented!! :)

  3. Whaaatttt! I want to visit Hummingbird Land! Despite all I do, I just get a few here and there.
    I'll bring the beer and nachos:)

  4. YES Jennifer PLEASE DO! I would LOVE that!! You are welcome to bring your friends & family too!! That would be totally awesome!!

  5. Thank you Sandy! We may have to do that someday soon. :)


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