Monday, February 13, 2012

R. I. P. Tommy Two Step

Tommy The Terror
July 4, 2004 - February 13, 2012


We woke this morning to the shock of finding our 7 year old silver tabby, Tommy, dead on the living room floor. We got him as a kitten at an art show in the fall of 2004. We were told he was a feral and had been hand raised as the litter had been taken from the mother at a couple of days old.

Although he was a biter and not always the nicest cat, we are very shocked and saddened.  When he was a kitten, we called him Tommy Two Step, because he loved to knead you when you held him. As he got older, his named changed to Tommy the Terror because he got  destructive and would rip up papers. That's when I had to ban him from the studio, which fueled his bad temper even more.

Last night Tommy played with his favorite toy for the last time with Jerry. They played for a good fifteen minutes while I was in the shower.  When I got out, Jerry said Tom was really getting into it; jumping and playing just like he did when he was a kitten. He sat on Jerry's lap the rest of the night as we watched a movie, very content and happy.

We can only guess that he must have had some kind of congenital defect. He must have had a stroke or a heart attack in the early morning. He had not been showing any signs of illness and he was certainly feeling very perky last night.

 We buried him in the yard under a big pine with all out other deceased fur babies. 

Even though he was a bad boy, my heart is still aching.
It seems so quiet without him running around, getting into trouble and causing commotion around here.


  1. So sorry Sandy for your lose. Our pets, even the testy ones, are a part of our family. I'm sure you gave him a happy home and a good life.

  2. What a sweet memorial to such a character... I'm so sorry for you guys, but he obviously had a heartwarming and beautiful farewell with you on his final evening on this plane. Big hugs + kisses your way.

  3. Even though he caused you problems, he was blessed to have a safe, loving home. I am glad he had such a happy time with Jerry the night before. A relatively short life, but he was loved and cared for. I feel the sadness, too. Hugs, Sandy!

  4. Sandy, I am so sorry about Tommy, rascal and terror though he may have been. He was very handsome, and, I know, well-loved.
    Big hugs to you and Jerry.

  5. Sometimes we love the 'bad boys' the most. He was quite a character and I thought too pretty to be a boy which did not fit his personality. He will be waiting for you across the 'rainbow bridge'.

  6. Oh no, poor Tommy, I am so very sorry for your loss. I remember him, he had a lot of spunk!


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