Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like A Pirate Today, Or Else!!

Ahoy!! I be Cap'n Happy here
remindin' all ye landlubbin' scallywags
that today be 


Th' 19th day of September every year
be one of me favrit 'olidays!

Cap'n Happy says, "Speak the lingo or walk the plank!"

All ye scurvy buccaneers better be
crawling out of yer bung hole today
and ye better be talkin' like a pirate
l o u d  and c l e a r !

Don't be a yella bellied bilge rat!


  1. Arrrrrrrrr! Cap'n Happy is looking fine in his Pirate garb, though he be scaring the bilge water right out me and me timbers they be a shiverin'! Pour me some grog, wench! Arrrrgh!!!

    1. Ahoy there witchy wench! Cap'n Happy an' meself hears ya loud an' clear. Jus pour yerself another pint of grog an yer Piratude an' sea legs will kick in an' stop yer timbers from a shiverin'. I be sorry I can't do it fer ya, but ya know I be wishin' I could! Arrrr!!


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