Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Summer of S A N D Y and the Perseverance of the Daisy ~ SOLD

"Perseverance is not a long race;
it is many short races one after another."
~ Walter Elliott

Dancing Daisies

"Just picked it up, it is even more lovely than it looked online!  Thank you so much!" ~ Annette

This image is available for license here.
The symbolism of the daisy is
friendship, loyalty, love, beauty
and perseverance.

It's The Summer of Sandy and I'll need the perseverance of the daisy. The next three months will be spent rebuilding websites, revamping my business plan and of course, painting.

Instead of continuing with my yearly tradition of Drawing Everyday this summer, I'm studying and re-learning Dreamweaver CS5.5 so I can totally rebuild my websites. I know it will be time well spent. The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and advances in web technology have changed web design significantly over the past few years.

After much frustration trying to follow the Adobe, and CreativeLive Dreamweaver tutorials, I found this GREAT FREE DREAMWEAVER COURSE by There are 42 videos in the DW course and for an optional $29. I downloaded additional course materials and over 80 website templates!  If you are interested in exploring this further, here's the Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial. Whoa, what a deal!  I am in shock and in heaven. Now, with Timothy's easy to understand, expert step by step guidance, I know I can do this! I'm finally making headway!! Horray, Thank you Timothy! And thank you DrawingEveryday / SketchingEveryday fans for understanding. Perhaps I'll be back at daily drawing and blogging about it next summer! 

Have a great season and proclaim your summer now!


  1. You ARE going to have a busy summer. :)

  2. Dear Sandy...
    Sounds like you are about to have a full-on summer of productivity! Good for you! :)
    I've been super busy myself with the move and still unpacking a bit each day, seeing doctors, getting car fixed, etc., but I wanted to stop in today and say hello and tell you I've been thinking of you. I hope all is well in your world and things are getting brighter everyday with your hubby's vision.
    Stay well my Sister/Friend and I shall see you when you return. I love the Daisy painting...who doesn't love Daisies? :)
    In Divine and Cascading Love,

  3. Hey Kathryn and Akasa - I'm trying to stay focused here! It's hard when doing something so Left-Brained. I keep getting distracted. I have got to set some daily goals and stick to them. Easier said than done of course. Thank you both for stopping by and for taking the time out to comment!! Hugs, Sandy


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