Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Taking My Horse To See The Eye Doctor

Yesterday, I took my Paint horse, Rembrandt, aka, Rudy, up to the NJ Equine Clinic to have the Ophthalmologist look at his eye. He's had an issue with his left eye since April. Of course, Rita, my big WB/TB mare, had to go along for the ride. She acts like a lunatic when I lead him out of his stall, heaven forbid try to go away in the trailer without her! I'm afraid she'd kill herself if we were to leave without her. I was happy to get an appointment on a Monday so I could get help from my friend, Kathy Devereaux, on her day off from her job as a vet tech.

The horses and I hadn't trailered in about two years, since way before my broken ankle in April 2012, but everything went well. Rita behaved herself, (as long as Rembrandt wasn't taken out of her sight) ...

Our 19 yr. old Chevy Silverado pick-up truck ran well with new brakes, exhaust system and tires. My 21 year old Kiefer Built trailer could use a paint job, but is still solid from top to bottom, has four new tires and newly greased axils. All in all, with a little help from my hubby Jerry and dear friend Kathy, and two very cooperative ponies, the trip went pretty smooth and stress free.

It's hard for me to explain what's going on with Rudy's eye. There's a weakness or bulge in the inner eye membrane which is allowing fluid to leak into the outer membrane, causing a cataract looking band across the top and bottom of his eye. If left unchecked, it could cloud up the whole eye and his sight would be obstructed, like seeing through fog or frosted glass. It's not painful but it tears a lot. At present, we are continuing Rudy's current course of Doxycyline which has a good anti-inflamitory property for his eye, and is the only medication 
we've tried that has had any results. None of the many salves we've tried have had any affect at all. We're going to try adding in Timolol, glaucoma eye drops. Although his eye pressure was good and the doc said he doesn't have glaucoma, Timolol may help his situation. Right now the eye looks pretty good as he has been on the Doxy for a month. The plan is he will stay on it for another couple of months, gradually reducing the dosage and hoping for the best. My poor sweet boy. My poor pocketbook. Thanks for all your emails, facebook comments and well wishes! I just know they are helping.

Thanks again and Love,

X ♥  O
Rudy and Rita


  1. You know I LOVE to hear about your horsey friends. Thank you for the update. You are giving Rudy the best care and all the love possible!
    Big hug to all of you!
    Kathryn XX

  2. Thanks and love from me and the herd, Kathryn! A big scratch on the withers from Rita to Bruno too!

    1. He will certainly love that scratch on the withers!


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