Friday, December 27, 2013

Furry Family Member

"The difference between friends and pets
is that friends we allow into our company,
pets we allow into our solitude."
~ Robert Brault

Tan Tan
Commissioned Portrait • SOLD

Some bitter-sweet Christmas gifts were commissioned this year for one dear family
after the sudden premature death of their beloved furry family member,
Tanner Sanchez Heil.

Tanner Sanchez Heil
Commissioned Portrait • SOLD

"Connor loved his picture of Tanner "Sanchez" (lol)
he held back the tears but said inside he was very emotional.

The picture of Tanner "Tan Tan" was very emotional for Sammy when she opened it 
but she was so very excited to have a picture of Tanner for her room.

They both said that it was the best present ever!"

~ Dorrie Crouse-Heil


Knowing that we will probably
outlive our pets can be a very sad thought.
All too well, we avid animal lovers can relate to
the grief and healing process of losing a beloved furry family member.

I feel fortunate that my art will serve as a
permanent memorial to a unique individual.
I also hope it will provide some joy and comfort along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

X ♥  O

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