Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Adventure with Yupo Paper

"Art is the only way to run away 
without leaving home." 
~ Twyla Tharp

Suffering with a bad head cold today, I felt too sick to take on anything mentally or physically strenuous. After a miserable night and feeling like a greasy slug today, I needed something to get involved in to take my mind off of how bad I'm feeling. Since my shipment of alcohol inks and alcohol ink supplies arrived yesterday, it was the perfect opportunity to dig into it. 

Stamping a combination of colors with the felt stamp tool.
Up until recently , the inks were used almost exclusively for crafts; tiles, cards, glass, etc. The Adirondack Ink color chart on the JoAnn Fabrics site was very confusing. Instead of normal artist colors like Alizarine Crimson, Cadmium Yellow and Ultramarine Blue, they have names like Red Pepper, Sunshine Yellow and Sail Boat Blue. (Who names these colors anyway?) They also sell sets of three colors (which are cheaper) that are the same as the ones you can buy separately, but they don't tell you which colors are in the set. To make a long story short, I ordered all the sets and colors they carried. Today I went through them all and am returning 33 bottles. No problem, they already emailed me a pre-paid return slip without me even asking. I must say, I've gotten great customer service from JoAnn Fabrics!

Although they've been around for a while, I know nothing about alcohol inks, so I've been going online and searching for information. Seeing the inks being used in fine art on Yupo paper via the internet for a couple of years now, I've just been waiting for the right opportunity to give it a go! I'm really excited about the new dimension it's going to add to my work. I'll be learning, experimenting and combining the alcohol inks with transparent watercolor. My mind is swimming with ideas in this waterlogged/ head cold state I'm in.

The Adirondack Ink Colors I Chose

I know some of you guys reading this are already working with the inks on Yupo. Any experiences, information or links you could share would be greatly appreciated.

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