Monday, January 26, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days ~ The Masks We Wear ~ Day 26

“We all wear masks, and the time comes 
when we cannot remove them without 
removing some of our own skin.” 
~ André Berthiaume

"Incidental Disguise"
8 x 10" Alcohol Ink on Gessoed Hardboard
email: for purchase info.

“Don’t you, when strangers and friends come to call, straighten the cushions, kick the books under the bed and put away the letter you were writing? How many of us, want any of us, to see us as we really are? Isn’t the mirror hostile enough?”  ~ Jeanette Winterson

Do you see what I see? This one was another attempt at yesterday's painting and is one that could be viewed from different positions. This orientation really struck me with something. I don't want to say what exactly and spoil it, but I'm wondering if anyone else will see it too. It's late and we are expecting a blizzard here tonight and tomorrow! I haven't eaten dinner, I've got 30in30 burnout and it's time to go veg out,  so I'll visit with ya'll  in the morning! Can hardly wait to see what's been cookin'!

I hope you are warm and in a happy place!
Thanks again for your generous support and friendship. 

X ♥  O

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