Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Evaluating Yupo Paper Vs. PI-180

"What works for one artist doesn't necessarily work for another - try anything and everything and go with what works for you."
~ Paul Dixon

Yupo paper Vs. PI-180 Comparison Test
A few months back, Rocheux International in Sommerset, NJ contacted me about trying out their synthetic paper. Chris wrote to me that his company supplies a similar product to Yupo and asked if I'd be interested in evaluating their product. I agreed to let them know how their paper compares.

Provided with some of their PI-180 grade, which was closest to the 74# white Yupo., I immediately noticed that it was not quite as heavy as the 74# and had a slicker surface.

Yesterday, after a little prodding from Chris, some tests were conducted. using alcohol inks - the same colors and process on each set, (Yupo on the left and PI-180 on the right). Each set was painted simultaneously and the sequence and timing were relatively the same for both.

Out of all the tests, I liked the Yupo the best for the ability to lift the pigment from the paper. The surface of the PI-180, although slicker, seemed to drag more as if working on a paper with more tooth. Notice how the middle paintings differ. Once set, the ink hardly moved with the splattering of alcohol on the PI-180. That being said, I really love the colors on the PI-180 in the bottom set.

Playing around a little with watercolor on them and yeilded similar results. The pigment on the PI-180 surface seemed to drag and not lift as easily as on the Yupo.

Bottom line - These experiments are only the tip of the iceberg. Many more would have to be done, using more techniques and mediums to come to more firm conclusions. The PI-180 may be a viable alternative when using some techniques. Price comparison, where it is made, if and when this paper will be available to the public is unknown to me. If you wish to find out more and possibly get some samples to test for yourself, you can contact Chris at: ykao@rocheux.com

"All life is an experiment.
The more experiments you make the better."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Creating!!

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