Friday, June 16, 2017

Assisting Fellow Travellers on the Dreamway

"Loved ones are released to become travellers
on their own Dreamway."
~ Robert Genn

that I just announced two days ago,
is already half filled!

A little note about the art I create for teaching purposes - When I design a theme and a project(s) for one of my workshops, I do lessons with my students in mind. I often teach complete beginners right along side of others who have moderate or even extensive art training. This means keeping steps as simple as possible, going back to basics, stepping back, evaluating, using a more predictable technique(s) and coming up with a subject that most students will have success with. Everybody needs to feel that they learned something and created a beautiful (or at least satisfying) piece. So, for instance, I know everyone loves my loose, white horse, (posted above), but this is not something I would try to teach at a one day workshop! We'd probably have a few disappointed attendees to say the least.

Art is a noble quest with no set in stone, end destination.
I help people just starting out on the path and those who've been on the Dreamway quite a while.
With an art career spanning over four decades, I have a depth of knowledge
and experience that can help guide artists in all phases of the art voyage.
The main thing is to motivate them with love, accomplishment and joy to
just keep taking one step after the other and never give up the dream.

Happy Creating My Friends!

X ♥  O

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