Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Have Courage, Take A Leap Of Faith

"The most salient mark of a creative person... is not physical courage...
it is a personal courage, a courage of the mind and spirit,
psychological or spiritual courage that is the radius of a creative person:
the courage to question what is generally accepted; the courage
to be destructive in order that something better can be constructed;
the courage to be open to experience both from within and without;
the courage to imagine the impossible and try to achieve it;
the courage to stand aside from collectivity and in conflict with it, 
if necessary; the courage to become and to be oneself."
 ~ D.W. MacKinnon

This is a very short video showing a couple of shots of my new gallery at 33 South Main St. #HomeTownUSA #ArtOnMain in Medord, NJ 08055. The work in my #currentartshow will be coming down soon to make way for my new show, in #May2018 - #Hummingbirds #Hummingbirds_MagicIntheAir. If you are interested in viewing this show before it comes down at the end of April, email me at: We are #medfordartwalk in #artsytownusa, #destinationmedfordnj. Many of the paintings in this show, BOUNDLESS BLACK AND BRILLIANT WHITE are demonstrated in the 6th Week of My ECourse. Registration closes April 20th! #aiecourse #Fundamentalsofalcoholink at:

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Have a creative day!

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