Monday, September 2, 2019

Be Active, Energetic And Faithful

"When you do a thing,
do it with all your might.
Put your whole soul into it.
Stamp it with your own personality. 
Be active, be energetic and faithful,
and you will accomplish your goals."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

#DrawingEveryday • 8-31-19 • Watercolor Sketch on Cotton Rag

The whole summer of sketching every day 2019 has passed. For 92 days,
from June 1st - August 31st, I drew and painted as part of my daily routine. 
The benefits are immense. The skills of seeing and hand-eye coordination are
developed and refined by daily practice, in my opinion, like no other can.
See my daily attempts in reverse (blog) format on

"Among all the accomplishments of life,
none are so important as refinement;
it is not, like beauty, a gift of Nature,
and can only be acquired
by cultivation and practice."
~ James Ellis

X ♥  O

P.S. I am not done sketching and creating every day though!
I have signed up for another challenge for the next 30 days.
It's called the 30 Day Creative Gathering.
You can find out more about it on facebook here.
Maybe you'd even like to join us!

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