Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Big Babies

I'm changing the subject today as I need to stop thinking about my ongoing email issues which still have not been resolved. Today I'm posting photos of my two horses. The bottom one is Santa Margarita, my sixteen year old Thoroughbred/Oldenburg mare. The top picture is of Rembrant, my Thoroughbred/Paint. He just had his 28th birthday last week and is still going strong! I'm looking forward to the weather getting better for trail riding with my horses and my good buddy Betsy Hudson. She's the owner of  The Bright Side of Life, a Life Is good store located at 42 South Main Street in Medford, NJ. (609-654-5544) If you ever need a shot of positive energy, stop in her store and say Sandy sent you. I call her Ms. Sunshine and I guarantee she will brighten your day!

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