Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Addition To The Family

I just got pictures of my new nephew! He arrived over the weekend. Proud parents, sister Denise and brother in law, Brent have named him Augustus Bush, nickname, Augie Doggie. Denise writes;" Brought baby home on Sunday. He wanted to be held and slept the entire trip. He loves his new house and feels so lucky to have so many toys that already smell like ‘dog’! He was a little unsteady at first but got coordinated real quick with having the room to run and play. He went under the deck the other night when Dan had him out and it took some coaxing to get him to come back out. Now he wants to go under there all the time. I think he is anxious to kill something, or whatever is living under there. We have to put him on the leash now. He is brave, smart and funny! He is a Welsh Terrier and will look just like an Airedale only smaller; up to 22 lbs. Right now he is tiny at 7 1/2 weeks and probably only weighs a couple of pounds. He was the biggest of the 3. He was quick to gain confidence and can be a terror...I call him a Tasmanian Devil! Did I tell you he is smart? He watches TV and his ears wiggle while he listens! I am in love!"


  1. Congratulations on your new nephew "Auggie Doggie" - I had an Airdale when I was growing up and I can still remember what a wonderful companion he was to me. Sandy, again thanks for your insight and wisdom, b/c recently I've needed some good energy and you always come through! Have a great day! Michele Roth

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Michele! It's always nice to hear that my efforts are appreciated. Hugs, Sandy


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