Sunday, March 30, 2008

Be Kind To Cats ~ Neuter and Spay

Tigger The Shadow Cat

It's two weeks today since we took Tigger in. Jerry and I have adjusted nicely to having another house cat. He is so easy going and happy to be at my side and follow me around all day. Our other two house cats are not adjusting as easily, but things are getting better everyday. I sure wish people wouldn't dump their cats off on others! It's an emotional, physical and financial burden I don't wish to have thrown on me. It's not a nice thing to do to people or cats! I just want to scream sometimes, "Be responsible people! Get your animals neutered!
True animal lovers would not do this terrible nasty deed."


  1. I just got Aiko spayed last week!

    I recieved aid from an organization called AniMeals. In the past the Humane Society has helped me with the cost.

  2. Good to know Angel. Thanks for the info.


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