Saturday, March 8, 2008

Unexpected Travel Setbacks

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr said; "Unexpected travel situations are dancing lessons from God." Setbacks are common in today's modern world of air travel. Although I was sheduled to arrive in Philadelphia by 4:00 pm yesterday, It was almost 2:00 am by the time I finally arrived home. I decided it was no big deal and calmly went with the flow. I actually had a really good time. When I arrived in Denver with five hours to kill, I first visited Ben & Jerry's and had a double dip of Cherry Garcia. After loitering there with a new book for over an hour, I decided to go find my gate information. Since I didn't check my luggage, I felt like a refugee lugging around my coat, purse and heavy carry-ons. I didn't want to go far from my gate, so I decided to have a beer at a nearby lounge. I sat at the top center of the horseshoe shaped bar, had a beer and read my book. I noticed lots of guys on their laptops and asked if they had internet connection. Yes, they did, so I whipped out my Mac and ordered another beer and a plate of Nachos with the works. I was able to post my blog and check on my emails. When the order came out, I was overwhelmed by the size. Surely it was enough to feed a party of six! Not wanting to waste it, I asked the bartender for some small plates and proceeded to load up eight or ten snack sized plates and passed them around to folks sitting at the bar. Before I knew it, people were buying my drinks and I ended up with two free beers out of the deal. Needless to say, by the time we rolled out at 7:15, I was ready for a nap which was a good thing and made the final leg of my homebound journey a little easier. I took these two pictures while flying from Gunnison to the airport in Denver.

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