Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chairville School Art Show And Demo

The Chairville School Art Show was a huge success! The school's new art teacher, Denise DeAngelis did a wonderful job of organizing it. It ran very smoothly. Despite the cold weather, people turned out in masses. Grouping all the paintings by artist worked out very well. I got quite a few remarks from artists that it was the best student/artist show ever! My Pencil And Watercolor Sketching Demo went very well. It was fun to connect with all the kids and adults with my interactive demonstration. I got a lot of great feedback. Next year I want to be further away from the music though, as I'm not used to shouting for such a long period of time.

Friend, student and fellow artist, Lee Gates' paintings were very popular with the kids.

The most popular paintings by far though, were these two paintings of the shark and the seal. I'm sure the shark was a big hit with all the boys!

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