Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tigger The Work Supervisor

Our cat, Tigger, has a routine of helping Jerry with his paperwork every night when he gets home from work. He is so happy to see his daddy! First thing he does is run in the office and jump up on the desk. His joyful attitude makes it very hard to turn him away. It takes Jerry much longer to do his work, but I think his little buddy's enthusiastic admiration more than makes up for all the detours and delays.


  1. Tigger looks so sweet. There's something about orange cats...I just love them!

  2. Me too. He is the neatest guy! Read all about his $2,500. operation and see pics here under the cats tag! Since you are on FB,and are my friend, Kathleen, you can view my cats album....
    "Cats I Love".

  3. Oh wow, poor little guy. So glad he came through it ok. That was crazy how he wanted to play right after! Going to check out the facebook photos now...


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