Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Maxine, Not Angelica

This morning I did an oil portrait of the black and white kitty that I posted the sketch of on my sketchingeveryday blog a couple of days ago. I called Don and told him it was done. He was in the area, so he stopped by and picked it up. He gave me his $75. donation for the Burlington County Animal Shelter which I will give to them on Sunday, as I will be joining them at their booth for the county's annual "Earth Fair" at Historic Smithville Park in Westhampton. I will take my paints, sketchbook and flyers about the "Art For Shelter Animals Project". Hopefully I will be able to drum up more interest in the project here locally.

See a picture of Don and more about Maxine (not Angelica) on today's post on "Art For Shelter Animals".

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  1. Hey, Sandy, lovely painting, and great for the shelter, too. Good luck drumming up interest at your Earth Fair Day. It is fun to promote our project - to get out in the community, show people your work - if all I do is get them thinking about shelter animals, I've succeeded, I think. I love your sketches, too -


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