Saturday, June 27, 2009

Magic Mushrooms In Weird New Jersey

I live in weird New Jersey. It's home to the Jersey Devil and other strange stuff. People from New Jersey get used to it. As you local people know, we've had a tremendous amount of rain the past month here. The woods are wet and there's a lot of mushrooms, moss and fungus growing everywhere. Thursday morning I spent some time going out into our woods with my camera and my close up Macro lens. Here's a few of my unprocessed shots, straight from the camera. I hope you enjoy!

Local friend, Lou Bergdoll wrote in after my sketchingeveryday post yesterday; "Little Louie and I were bicycling in the pines off Atsion Rd. on Three Bridges Rd. going toward the Mulica River this evening and we found the greatest clump of red fungus! I wish you could have seen them. It was absolutely magical in the waning rays of the dying sun. Thanks for sharing! Lou"
Thank you Lou.... wish I could have seen that!

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