Friday, October 7, 2011

Kirby's Mill Apple Festival ~ Saturday, October 8th 2011

I've spent the week sorting, shooting, matting, framing, planning, packing and getting ready for my first art show of the season .  . . AND . . . . Y A Y . . .  No rain in the forecast!! I am thrilled and very thankful! Last year it was cold and damp with some drizzle in the afternoon. The year before was the same, but in 2008, what a fine day it was!! People were out enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and the work of artists and craftspeople selling Handmade In America, one- of-a-kind works.

Of course, the Apple Festival is also about the apples too.  It doesn't have a whole lot of variety, food wise, except for the apples. It's apples galore, from cider donuts and apple pies, to cider and apple ice cream. It's a Mecca for apple lovers of all ages.

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On a nice day, I've seen people come out in droves to the Kirby's Mill Apple Festival. There's live entertainment, demonstrations and tours of the mill.  It's unique, meandering, country setting gives the festival a nice relaxed vibe. I really need to lighten my load, especially since I only had one show last year.  I'm doing some sales and specials. If you need art, now's the best time to get the best selection and price from me. My print special , Buy Two, Get One Free, is a darn good deal. Christmas is creeping up on us pretty fast this year. I always feel better if I start thinking about it before Thanksgiving. So get out of the house tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! Come to Kirby's Mill, in Medford, NJ. Walk, relax, eat and do a little shopping. If you mention that you saw this blog post or you read about it on Facebook, I will give you 20% off any originals' price.

Kirby's Mill Apple Festival - 2008
This could be my first and last show of 2011, as it was in 2010. You never know what the weather's going to do this time of year, or any time of the year these days.

Cranberry Festival - 2008
Now,  two days of warm, sunny beautiful weather for next weekend's show, the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival would be another truly amazing blessing.


  1. Please have a successful show! There is bound to be a big crowd with such great weather forecast. And do have a piece of apple pie for me. (Yar!!)

  2. Good Luck with the shows and the weather, Sandy!


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