Saturday, October 1, 2011

October First ~ Let The Fall Fun Begin!

Most of my flowers and hummingbirds of summer have come and gone.

There are a few hearty souls in my yard that are thriving.
Bubba bird has departed, yet there are several others still lingering.

Cooler weather has seemingly given some plants revived strength.

And the flowers and decorations of the new season are starting to appear.

October is the time for me to go into soup making mode.

We love soup, salad and a good crusty bread for delicious hearty meal and so do my friends and family. I just made a big pot of this Ham and Broccoli Soup yesterday and served it to my hubby and sister-in-law, Patty, who is visiting us from California. They both loved it. She asked for the recipe, so here it is. I always follow soup recipes VERY loosely and rarely measure the ingredients. Instead of a recipe, it is more like a suggestive guide. This is a very tasty and easy one to start with. I always make a huge amount and and freeze some in plastic quart containers. (I use the ones that take-out Chinese soup comes in.) You can write the date and description on the lid with a sharpie marker. That way, I always have a nice variety of quick meals in the freezer. Just put a little water in a pot with the soup block and simmer slowly until it's hot.YUMMM! I do not add the noodles to the soup as suggested in this recipe, but cook them separately and add them to individual bowls before serving. This way, the soup doesn't get all starchy and mushy. Also, if you freeze the soup, do it without the starch! You can add potatoes, noodles or rice for more variety when you defrost it.

And aye, ahoy me hearties, blow me down, me ol' pal Cap'n Hook has come to spend October with meself and me whole scurvy scallywaggin' crew!

So, Yo Ho-Ho, and a bottle of rum, hope yer plannin' to be joinin' this sea wench here and all the fun-lovin' sea fairin' and landlubbin' witches, goblins and buccaneers who'll be celebratin' the Countdown to Halloween 2011. Have yerself a fun filled fall day matey! ARRRRR!!


  1. Love your scare crow pirate! Perfect. And thanks for the hint about freezing soups. I never thought about using the Chinese quart containers! The photo of your coleus is wonderful, what beautifully shaped and colored leaves. I would love to press those leaves. Happy October!!

  2. LOVE your Halloween decorations, Sandy!!!


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