Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Colors in the Pine Barrens

Most of the leaves are down. The brown and grey colors of winter now preside.

Fall has come and gone here in Sandy Land, but this
year I was able to get a few shots of its' fleeting glory.

I love the spots and patterns of mold or fungus on the dying leaves. 

The orangish brown oak leaves take on a richness against dense fog.

Notice the spots of white here on the red maple leaves.

The fleeting season offered me a grand finale in my own backyard.
I am glad I took some time to record the show.


  1. That rusty brown color of oak leaves is such a rich tone! You are right to grab some photos, because the color lasts such a short time. And then there is that fabulous smell outdoors, especially after a rain, of the fallen leaves. Thanks for sharing your autumn glory!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Sandy. Your camera gives you a good depth of field, so that you have that great softness in the background. I'm glad you captures the moment, too!

  3. Beautiful shots! We still have a lot of color here:)


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