Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Bald Eagles!

Yesterday was in the 60's here and a good day to get caught up on some outside work. As I was doing the paddocks, I spotted a bald eagle flying overhead. I followed it's flight for a while. It sailed so effortlessly, in and out of the clouds,  always circling my field of vision. I knew it was there to catch my attention, to guide me and offer reassurance that I'm on the right path. Pretty soon the magnificent animal was joined by another. So it happened to me again, just as it had on several other occasions recently. Eagles are rare here, as they are in the other locations where I have seen their glistening heads and identifiable tails gliding through my skies this fall.

Original Eagle Watercolors 8" x 10"
$95. ea. double matted w/ backing
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"The eagle symbolizes the warrior being well prepared to seize and make excellent use of opportunity. They represent a connection to the Great Spirit and in many ancient cultures have been personifications of visionary strength and messengers of divine power. Their aerial displays are dramatic and awe inspiring. These birds can soar higher than any other living creature and with binocular vision can observe life in its entirety. Hawks, falcons and eagles often show up when it is time to connect to creativity, spirituality and tune into your life's calling. It symbolizes dramatic new occurrences. When hawk or eagle chooses to guide you, it may become a life long mentor, often appearing to you when a divine spark is most needed to inspire your courage, stamina and creative fire."
Excerpt from my Animal Spirits book.

Here is a shot I took of one of two I saw up in Lancaster County, PA last month.

I probably won't be posting again this week because I am getting ready for my client appreciation Open Studio Party and Art Show! 

Out with the fall and in with The Holidays!! YAY!!! I'll be posting more snowman paintings soon. Check out all my snowmen available for download through iStock here!

And let me be one of the very first to Wish You A Happy Holiday Season!