Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Part Time Nurse By Chance, Not Choice

I know I have been M.I.A. here lately, but I've got a new part time job here at Sandy Land.

My husband has had another illness starting on Saturday morning and continuing through the weekend. First thing Monday morning, it was off to the ER again and an emergency operation to drain three abscesses. This time it was a condition at a totally different end from the head problems he had just one month ago. It's not in a place you can easily blog about, but it does give a new perspective and deeper meaning to the phrase, "Pain in the ass".  I'm doing the best I can to be a good caretaker. I am not the best or most sympathetic nurse, I will admit. But my husband has got to be one of the worst patients I have ever known! The current situation reminded me of this little illustration I did many years ago. I can see it as kind of a self portrait right now. 


  1. I sympathize with you, Sandi. Husbands don't seem to be able to handle illness. My hubby actually limps when he has a cold! Hope your hubby gets better really quick; and hope they get to the bottom of the problem!!! (!)

  2. Oh no, Sandy!
    Your illustration is perfect, though. I know exactly what your husband is going through. I had abscesses on both my seat-bones [2 months apart] from riding. I had a very sadistic dressage instructor, who lunged me mercilessly on my horse. However, I have developed a great feel at sitting trot!
    Give Jerry a big hug from me.

  3. Hey Robin - I thought Jerry was the only one who limped when he got a cold! :-D And wow Kathryn, that was some slave-drivin' instructor you had! Hope you're now working with someone a little kinder!

  4. I hope he's feeling better soon!

  5. Oh no! I hope Jerry is on the mend now. Poor guy:(


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