Monday, January 2, 2012

They Go Bonkers For Bananas!

My horses truly love their fruits!  Not just apples either. 

Did you know that most horses actually love bananas?

Would you believe me if I said my horses start salivating at the casual mention of grapes, peaches, plums, oranges, nectarines or pineapple?

Of course, they also love most melons too, even the rind if it's cut in very small pieces.  My guys are 20 and 31 years young and get hay with small quantities of grain 4x's a day.

I add water to their ration with a small amount of fruit or vegetable mixed in. I also occasionally feed them small quantities of carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, radishes and cauliflower; although I've just read at one source online that the potato and cabbage family are not recommended as they can cause gas. I've never had a problem, but again, I keep my quantities very small, about the size of one medium sized apple per feeding.

If you are thinking of supplementing your horse's diet, offer a taste first and don't over do it. If they spit it out at you, try another small piece later. They may change their mind. A little goes a long way when cut up small for treats or mixed in their feed. Of course, I remove all pits or large seeds or rough skins first. The rule of thumb is that it should be smaller than the size of a ping pong or golf ball, but I think this is still too big. I cut mine even smaller (about 1/2" diameter or less), especially with hard foods like carrots or sweet potatoes. This size is still big enough to chew, but small enough to be easily swallowed, if it isn't fully masticated. I want to eliminate any danger of choking, because at 31, Rudy doesn't have the greatest teeth anymore.

My equines are spoiled, I admit it, but the joy and great workout I get from riding and taking care of them everyday is well worth all the effort, time commitment and expense involved.

Find a great article on how to prepare fruit and veggies for your equine friends here, where I just found out that out you can feed the banana pieces with the skin still on after removing the hard ends.

Your horses will thank you if you put some kind of fruit or vegetable in their feed regularly. It adds excitement to their day and variety to their diet and vocabulary. My horses know so many more words now!

Remember, do not feed too much at a time and wipe off or wash the food first.

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  1. OK, Sandy, I think Bruno and I are moving into your place! And I'll just have whatever the horses are getting!!! :) Bonus - you don't have to exercise me; I do it myself! [Damn but I'm funny today :)]


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