Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My "Rabbit with Spring Colors" that I posted on March 6th,  just got accepted into the iStock collection, so I thought I'd add a companion piece today. I call this one "Bunny Buddies".
I went to A.C. Moore yesterday and purchased six new MICRON fine tip pens. I'm really impressed with their performance. They are much better than the old Rapidiograph pens we used to use in college!

Signs of Spring #3 - "Bunny Buddies"- $45.00
5" x 7" Double Matted Original Ink and Watercolor Painting
This piece ships with a foam core backing in an acetate sleeve
and is ready to fit into a standard frame.


  1. Congratulations on the iStock acceptance. I have also started using MICRON pens instead of our old Rapidiographs. Remember all that clogging and cleaning? Your bunnies are charming.

  2. Thanks Carmella!! It's surprising that we don't still have nightmares about those *?#@! Rapidiographs! I always remember the story that Beth Krush told about Joe using them as darts one night. They were working on a tight deadline and he was just so frustrated with them. :-D Isn't modern technology great?


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