Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcoming March and Signs of Spring

Welcome March, welcome Spring!! I know the vernal equinox and the official start of Spring is still a few weeks off, but here in the North Eastern U.S., Mother Nature definitely has other plans! Meteorologists generally define the seasons in sets of three months. March through May are defined as Spring, the season after Winter and before Summer. In the Northern hemisphere, it is the time of year when vegetation begins to reappear, hibernating animals emerge and birds pair up and become more active.

My Daffodils think it is Spring. They will be blooming very soon, most likely before the official start of the season.

The resident bucks are shedding their antlers early. Some are done. Others now sport only one.

Signs of Spring #1 - ROBIN - $45.00
5" x 7" Double Matted Original Watercolor w/ backing

sold •
To celebrate the kickoff of this wonderful season, I'll be doing some "Spring Influenced" original watercolors and offering them here at a special price this month. They are ready to fit into a standard frame and make unique gifts for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays. Requests to render your special subject are always welcome.


  1. Sandy, what a beautiful Spring painting! I swear that robin has a smile on his beak!!!

  2. Hello there Miss Sandy! I envy your daffodils; no signs of spring around here yet. But hurray, it's March! Love the robin painting! How delightful! Must be strange to see deer with just one antler.


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