Monday, June 11, 2012

Keep Moving BEAR!

I've been obsessed with bears since there's been several sightings in this area last week. I've been drawing them the past few days for my Summer Sketching Series and today I did this painting. I did it from a blurry shot of one of the actual bears someone had in their backyard. His gesture in the photo made me feel sorry for him. He must hear the words; "Keep moving, bear!", all too often. To me, he looked scared and lonely. The reference for the facial features came from a public domain photo on Wikipedia that I posted on my sketching blog. This bear painting didn't come out how I had planned or hoped. It is what it is, though. There's always next time and another chance to get it right. If you've got any suggestions for my next attempt, I'd be grateful for your input. Check out today's bear drawings on


  1. Your work always hits home with me. I feel for the bear. Last week KB from Rocking and Roling in the Rockies talked about a bear that ran through their camp with dogs on its tail. Keep Moving Keep Moving.

  2. Good painting, Sandy! The poor bear does look a bit anxious though.

  3. As always, thanks for your story Bert and your feedback, Kathryn!


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