Friday, June 1, 2012

Rescue a Cat or Two

 And It's Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Each spring, thousands of kittens flood into the already overloaded shelters throughout our country. Litters of cute cuddly, newborn kittens join the millions of older cats desperately in need of a loving, forever home. Petfinder is a great place to start to find individual fur babies that are looking for a family to call their own in your area. Donations, foster parents and shelter volunteers are needed now more than ever.  You can make a difference! Please pass this post on and find out more about how you can help to place the many lovable felines in need. 

Rescues, Fosters and Shelters - I would like to donate artwork to help raise funds for this cause.
Contact me at: if you are interested.


  1. Hi, Sandy,

    I guess it is close enough to "rescue a cat" month. Someone dropped off a kitty near my house. So far almost $100 in vet fees. My daughter will welcome her into her house once I've finished the series of shots, spaying, and front claws removed.

    I hope you are well on your way to recovery,


  2. Oh, I so wish I could adopt a kitten or cat or two or three! But I am a firm believer in supporting animal shelters, there are so many ways to help. Wonderful post, Sandy, and fantastic that you will donate your beautiful art work for fundraising. How are you doing? We need an update, please.


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